Episode 21: 5 Tips for Awesome Linesheets

Linesheets are one of the three biggest tools you have at your disposal when selling your work wholesale to buyers from brick and mortar shops and other larger retailers. (The other two are a catalog or lookbook, and an order form). Linesheets bridge the gap between a catalog and an order form and it’s important to make sure they’re optimized to keep your buyers interested and reduce the stress of ordering. In this recent episode of YHBTV, Sharon and I dive into 5 big tips we have for creating killer linesheets.

  1. Function over Form
  2. How to Create It
  3. Avoiding Perfectionism
  4. Consistency
  5. Sticking to the Facts

Dive in with Sharon and I as we pick apart each of these tips and help you create or tweak your linesheets with confidence!


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Our friend Lela Barker has two great resources for your linesheets:

  1. DIY Line Sheet Templates
  2. Line Sheet Design Service

How to Create a Linesheet that Makes Selling Easy from Indie Retail Academy