Episode 25: Burn It All Down: Amanda Siska's Business Revolution

Sometimes life just gets you DOWN. There are a lot of external factors that can affect your business, completely outside of your control, and maker businesses tend to be more susceptible to the influences of outside forces than larger entities.

So what happens when the proverbial shit hits the fan? Do you light everything on fire walk away like some meme? Do you double down and power through like a champ? Or do you react with a strange combination of both? Where do you even begin?

In this episode, Isaac looks at how one seemingly solid maker business was turned on its head by external forces and speaks with its owner, Amanda Siska, about how she made it out alive, still kicking, and undertook a massive re-evaluation that dramatically shifted her products, goals, and expectations.


Episode Guests

Amanda Siska is the owner and artist for Bread and Badger LLC. They sandblast original designs, custom art, and pet portraits onto drink ware for memorable and durable gifts. Their products nourish the soul, and remind you of special events while you savor your favorite beverages.

You can visit them at  their website and on Instagram.


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In this episode Amanda mentions Shenee's Brand Bomb course which you can find at heyshenee.com

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