Episode 27: 5 Tips for Talking About Yourself

Creative people—artists and makers and everyone in between—are notorious for not knowing how to talk about themselves. I mean, it’s hard, right? What you do is directly tied to who you are, and it’s hard to articulate that in a way that someone else can understand. And if you’re introvert it’s even worse!

In this recent YHBTV episode, my crafty co-conspirator, Sharon, offers 5 great tips that can help prepare you for the next time someone inevitably asks you: “So…. what do you do?”

  1. Have a mission statement.

  2. Avoid jargon

  3. Avoid saying things to minimize your place in the business world

  4. Regularly list and reveal your achievements

  5. Talk about yourself the way you want people to talk about and treat you.


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