Episode 28: Just Keep Moving - Adrienne Wiley's Shift Toward Equanimity

One of my favorite hashtags to use or see used on social media is #cantstopwontstop. Partially because I’m a self-identified “man of many hats” who probably takes on too many projects for his own good, but also because I believe that when we’re pursuing something in life that brings us joy or that fulfills us creatively, we shouldn’t WANT to stop. 

On the flip side, #cantstopwontstop has the potential to turn into #cantstopshouldstop (in other words, becoming a workaholic at the expense of everything else) or #cantstopcantsee (that is, turning our sights to the things that don’t really matter in our life or business, or missing out on experiences and relationships because we’ve become lost in our work.)

But what if you succeed at channeling #cantstopwontstop into exactly the business that you want? Or what if you embrace it in a healthy way that opens you up to possibilities?

In this week's episode, I take a multi-faceted trip with serial entrepreneur Adrienne Wiley down the path of her various business ventures, philosophical pursuits, and lessons learned as a jeweler, shop owner, and small business consultant.

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Episode Guests

Adrienne Wiley is a self taught jewelry designer from Chattanooga Tennessee, who left her corporate job at a Fortune 500 company to pursue her own jewelry business in 2005. 

Over the years she worked hard to learn everything she could, from anyone who was willing to share some pearls of wisdom. That knowledge, combined with experience, and a lot of scrappiness led to a wholesale jewelry business that sells to over 800 retailers, and a boutique that's celebrating it's 9th year in business. 

She started Creators & Adventurers because as a retailer, wholesaler, and (self diagnosed) serial entrepreneur she loves small businesses!  She believes the knowledge learned from both sides of the industry gives her a unique perspective that is invaluable in growing a successful wholesale brand.  

You can learn more about Adrienne at Creators & Adventurers and on Instagram


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