Episode 30: Chat with a Buyer/Store Owner

In mid-2017, we hosted a live “Ask Me Anything” webinar with two brick and mortar shop owners about what it’s like to run a shop and what advice they have to share with makers seeking wholesale accounts.

In this recent YHBTV episode from June 2017, I set out to catch up with one of those shop owners—Kiley Fattor—to learn more about how her business has been going, what she’s learned in the last year, and to get a little insight into how she’s adapted and evolved a bit to respond to her customer’s needs. We also got into some of her wholesale buying practices, which will probably offer some insight into how a buyer thinks, when they shop, and more.



Episode Guests

Kiley is the owner of Period Six Studio in Golden, Colorado. Period Six, an American artisan gift store, is the culmination of Kiley's love of art, makers, shopping, telling stories, and being part of the Colorado-lifestyle.

You can learn more about Kiley and Period Six Studio at their website and on Instagram


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In this episode Kiley mentions targeting customers through low cost local advertising through the mail. You can learn more about that through the USPS website.

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