Episode 31: RIP Etsy Wholesale

This is mostly likely not breaking news to you, but earlier this year, Etsy made the decision to shut down Etsy Wholesale, a managed platform for helping wholesale buyers transact with Etsy sellers. The program had been unsupported for some time, as shifting company priorities focused solely on the consumer retail side of things.

As of the airing of this podcast episode, Etsy Wholesale has been shut down completely for about a month, and many makers have moved on. Sharon and I dedicated a YHBTV episode to the news about Etsy Wholesale back in June after the announcement that it would be sunsetting, but don’t let this recap trick you into thinking it’s irrelevant. Even if you weren’t using the platform for your own wholesale business, you’ll find a few nuggets of wisdom applicable to working with buyers, as well as some additional online platforms that have served as alternatives.


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