Episode 39: Down the Rabbit Hole - Rachel Winter's Pursuit of Full-Time Maker Life

The decision to quit your day job to focus on your maker business isn’t a cut-and-dry step along the path in every maker’s business journey. Often times it means more work than you ever expected or factoring in more than just financial projections. Working for yourself and by yourself can take an immense toll on your relationships, your priorities, and even your mental health.

Rachel Winter lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has run Sweetpea and Co.—a line of fun and playful children’s clothing—for the last ten years. A little over a year ago, she made the tough decision to leave a good job with good benefits and work on her business full time.

I was really interested in hearing about the lessons Rachel has learned in the last year, understanding her thought process for taking Sweetpea and Co to this level, and going a little deeper into how she works with two young children at home and the discovery that “full time” is far from a 40-hour-a-week gig in her household.

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Episode Guests

With a background in graphic design, Rachel Winter uses her love of design and her two young children as inspiration to create fun and playful clothing and accessories for children.

You can learn more about Rachel and her work at her website and on Instagram


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