Episode 41: Building a Network of Support

Just like there’s a myth of a starving artist, there’s also a myth of a lonely artist. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your studio or work yourself to the bone and sacrifice your social life, especially when you’re hustling and working to grow your business into sustainability. But no artist or maker exists in a vacuum—you’ve got to build up a network of peers to help you through the tough times, support you with advice, a shoulder to cry on, and a glass to clink against when you’re celebrating your wins.

And even though we’re spending more and more time online, we have always advocated for meeting face to face and getting that in-person interactions. In this rerun of a recent YHBTV video, Sharon and I offer 6 tips for building up your own network of support.

  1. Think Locally

  2. Make friends at craft shows

  3. Giving, not just taking, in online communities

  4. Ask for help from friends and family

  5. Masterminds and group programs

  6. Start something if you can’t find something

Go get ‘em, tiger!


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