We are excited to partner with The Makery Craft Co in Anaheim to bring you our first-ever pop-up! If you've never been, The Makery is a beautiful craft studio filled with DIY fun. Owner Lisa is also a member and a big supporter of all things handmade. She's hosted pop-ups before during the holidays with great success and the thriving shops of Community in Anaheim where she is located get a lot of foot traffic during the season.

The Details

  • Who: This pop-up is open to Academy of Handmade members ONLY. 
  • What: Any of the handmade goodness you want to sell... just keep in mind this is for people looking for gifts and will be curated as a small boutique within her shop. If you've got really large objects it might be hard, so you'll need to have a discussion with Lisa about this.
  • Where: At The Makery located at 423 S Brookhurst St, Anaheim, CA 92804 in the Community shopping center.
  • When: From Friday, November 21 (the opening party will be this evening) until December 22.
  • Why: To give you one more opportunity to sell your work this holiday season that also highlights the amazing work of Academy of Handmade artists! 

How It's Gonna Work

Getting Your Stuff To/From The Makery: There are few ways you can do this. The first is you can drop off your stuff to Lisa directly at the Long Beach Patchwork on November 2. After that, you can take it by The Makery directly by November 14... just arrange it with Lisa before you drop it off. If you live out of the area you can also mail your items to Lisa so they arrive by November 14 and any leftover inventory you can pay to have shipped back to you. You can pick up any inventory at The Makery that is leftover starting January 2, 2015. 

*please do not bring anything by or mail anything until you've gotten confirmation from us*

The Split: You will receive 60% of the retail price once the item is sold. The Makery will take 20% for hosting and administration and the Academy will take 20% which will go toward supporting the work we do.

Payment: Lisa will send out payment on a weekly basis and will be made via check.

I'm In! What's Next: Please fill out the interest form below AND also download the Inventory List, fill it out and send to info@themakerysocal.com AND academyofhandmade.com. Directions for filling out the Inventory List are below.

1. Please enter values in the following categories for each type of item you are selling:

  • Column B: Item name
  • Column D: Artist/Business Name
  • Category F: Item Price
  • Category M: Qty 

2. Leave all other categories blank, unless you are offering special pricing on multiples. In which case enter values in the following categories:

  • Column H: Deal name (i.e., 2 shirts for $35)
  • Column I: Special price

3. Please save file as: artistname_aoh_popup.csv (replace 'artistname' with your business name)

4. Please include a printed copy with your inventory, and also email file to academyofhandmade@gmail.com + lisa@themakerysocal.com no later than November 14th, 2014 at noon.

Name *
Please include a hashtag we can use for people to find you on the social medias!
Please include a link to a HIGH RESOLUTION headshot (300 dpi at least 2"x2") of yourself.
In case you've got another option. ;)


What Kinds of Items Will Work Well Here? Think about gifts that generally do well at shows and markets for you during the holidays. This will be a fairly similar environment. Items that are smaller, "gifty" and are easy to impulse buy are great. We ask that if you want to sell an item that is going to be more than $100 retail, you talk with Lisa first about it. 

How Much Product Should I / Can I Drop Off? This is up to your best judgment, but if you drop of 3-5 types of products, with 5-10 items for restocking each type that should be a good guess. Depending on your product size and price you might want to go on the higher or lower end of these suggestions. 

What Kind of Exposure Will There Be? The Makery will have quite a bit of food traffic with its own slew of craft classes during the holidays. On top of that Community and its shops will be having pop-ups of their own, and parties and other events happening all the time. Plus Lisa and Academy of Handmade will both be pushing the word out to their own followers.  

I Already Sell At Lisa's Neighbor A Little Known Shop, Can I Still Do This Pop-Up? Yes! Just make sure it's different product.

What Happens If I Needed to Take Back Inventory of Want to Drop Off More? Feel free to continue to work this out with Lisa as this arises, but if you realize that you need to take back product you can and if your inventory is doing well or you have product to switch out, these inventory adjustments can be worked out with Lisa. 

What If I Can't Make the Opening Party? We will miss you but it's not a big deal if you can't come.

Who Can Come to the Opening Party? Anyone! Bring your friends and family, and we will also be opening it up to the general public as an opportunity to meet the makers behind all of the goodies.

What About Food? All food items should be shelf stable and be good for the duration of the pop-up unless you plan to come by regularly to replenish. Please make sure to have this discussion with Lisa.

Will Everyone Who Wants to Be Accepted to Pop-Up? For the most part, yes, if we can fit you in and your merchandise is appropriate for the store based on the criteria above. If we have some kind of overwhelming demand, we will work with those who have submitted their information first and may also have to put stricter limits on some item quantities. 

I'm Already Doing a Lot This Season or I'm Unsure About Inventory.  We totally understand! Because this is consignment this is a great way to drop off stuff that is extra inventory or leave it and pick it up later if it's not selling. Or if you didn't get into a show had planned on, this is a great way to try to sell in a new location. However you look at it, this will be flexible, low-pressure set up that you should only do if you've got the time and product.