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As you're building your handmade business, it can be scary not knowing if you're doing things "right." Sure, you've read a lot blogs, visited all of the Etsy forums, joined Facebook groups and maybe you've even invested in some education. 

But for some reason it doesn't seem to be giving you peace of mind. And maybe it's not even really changing your business that much.

Are you finding that all of that "helpful" free or cheap information is actually making you feel:

  • Overwhelmed?
  • More unsure?
  • Like you're never ready?
  • Confused about who to trust? 

This is not a recipe for getting you where you want your handmade business to go-- in fact maybe you aren't totally sure where that even is!

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Academy of Handmade believes that handmade business success happens in community, with shared knowledge and generous support.

Your business doesn’t feel like most businesses. As a maker, you are creating, selling and shipping your product. You aren’t a blogger or infopreneur, so a lot of the advice and support out there can feel like it doesn’t apply to you. We totally get that and we want to help.

All of our programming, content and community are designed to benefit the special needs of your business. This also means we recognize that there isn’t “one way” to do business or craft your product. 

The right education at the right time is invaluable to a business and totally worth it!



Sharon Fain and Isaac Watson are passionate about helping makers create sustainable businesses-- whatever that looks like for them! They have been working on Academy of Handmade together after separately building maker communities of their own. Yup, their own business is a model of why community over competition is so great.

Sharon has a background in PR and marketing, and loves to help makers be more strategic in their businesses.

Isaac is a former maker himself who enjoys creating new programs to help makers, especially helping them think bigger about their business.

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Makers are at the heart of what we do. Community over competition is not just a saying around here, it's something we practice!

Our main goal is to provide you with the space and guidance to have more "a-ha" moments-- to work on your business at your pace and with a clear vision of what your business is becoming.


"The community I've found in the Academy of Handmade has been invaluable to me both as an artist and small business owner, and for the growth of my stationery business.

Before becoming a member, I'd participated in groups where support was inconsistent, resources were mediocre and engagement faded over time. AHAS is the opposite.

The value of this community seems to continually increase with the addition of new resources and opportunities for creative business owners to connect and learn from each other in smart, meaningful ways. It is not only a space to connect with fellow artists, but a space to prioritize growth and accountability as small business owners. Rather than competing, I continually see members celebrating each other, sharing savvy business strategies and offering constructive feedback with true insight and generosity."
-Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, Lacelit



Our private forums include even more points for connection with your fellow makers. We host book clubs, gift swaps and weekly chats so you can develop a supportive network.

We also believe that in-person and local connections are also enormously valuable. That's why our community members volunteer their time to host local meetups.

Right now, we're working on launching this programming formally, but follow our events on Facebook to know when something is happening in your area.



"The perspective of other makers is priceless! I really benefit from the weekly discussions. Being a solopreneuer is quite isolating, and it's hard to find others that can relate to some of our common concerns. Our friends and family love us, and are compassionate but at times have no idea why we are frustrated due to long tail keyword expectations or other terms that we deal with regularly that are foreign to them.

Being a member of the Academy of Handmade has given me so much confidence. I used to have so many days of self doubt. To have access to so many like minded creatives who are supportive and are just as passionate gives me hope."

-Adwoa Grier, Adwoa Designs