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What Business Tool or Trick Is Your Favorite? I keep track of my Instagram stats using Iconosquare (formerly Statigram).

Description of Tool: It’s a way to view your Instagram photos and feed, but way better than Instagram’s online viewer which doesn’t let you search or do very much.

Where to Get It: iconosquare.com

Cost: Totally free!

Why It Works: I feel like a phone is terrible for doing a lot of typing and my fingers start to hurt. Iconosquare lets me do those things using a big girl keyboard.

How to Use It: It lets me like and comment on photos using my laptop instead of my phone. It also has a fairly robust stats feature so I can see where I am at for the week and for the month. I can also see who has followed and unfollowed me. It also lets me search hashtags where I will go in and like all the photos of people who I think are “my people.”

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