Jenn Thompson: Merrily Yours


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business: I'm the creator + owner behind Merrily Yours. I love making, gifting + celebrating. I create one-of-a-kind handmade textile art + accessories perfect for giving to loved ones or for treating yourself. I share my handmade adventures on my website at

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with? Felt, fabric, embroidery floss, paper + pencil.

Q: Who inspires you?  I am inspired by the world + the people around me. Especially my family, friends + fellow artists who all share the same vigorous passion for creating.

Q: Name three guilty pleasures of yours:  Hot dogs. Smooshing kitties. Hugging any + all plush I come across.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a maker? Creating! I especially love creating something personal + meaningful for a loved one.

Q: As a professional in the booming handmade economy, what part of your work do you find most difficult? For me working alone has to be one of the most difficult things about running my handmade shop. Don't get me wrong it's exhilarating to have a business that I've created but I literally have to decide on everything + do everything. Frankly at times it can be overwhelming. It can also be hard to stay motivated at home in my apartment which also doubles as my office + studio. Finding fellow makers in my community has been key to not only steering me clear of hermit-ville but also inspiring me + connecting me with wonderful people.

Q: What drives your creative process? Great ideas. New experiences. New mediums.

Q: Where can people find your stuff?! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest