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Member Profiles

Katherine Rohrbacher: Gloves by Katherine

Academy Of Handmade

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business: I make garden gloves, dish gloves and oven mitts that are embellished with new and vintage ribbons and trims. They turn a woman's everyday mundane tasks of washing the dishes or picking weeds into something more fun and glamorous. They'll protect your manicure and will add a touch of personal style to your household chores.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with? I love vintage ribbons and crocheted lace trims. Glittery ribbons and colorful pom poms are fun to use. My most recent favorite thing to use is rick rack. Rick rack reminds me of my mom and a clown Halloween costume she made me when I was little.

Q: Who inspires you? Sabrina Ward Harrison. I love her use of materials and her combination of images and text.

Q: Name three guilty pleasures of yours:

1. Shopping. Specifically Target.
2. Donuts.
3. Buying books (when I already own SO MANY and a lot of the ones I own I haven't read yet).

Q: What is your favorite part of being a maker? Making super cute things.
Selling to people all over the world. I have a sticky note with a list of the different countries I have sold to and tally marks next to them for how many times I've sold to that country. Other than the United States, Australia is my biggest customer.
Hearing the "cha-ching" sound the Etsy app makes when I sell something!

Q: As a professional in the booming handmade economy, what part of your work do you find most difficult? Having to do every aspect of my business myself. I can't just sew/paint all day.

Q: What drives your creative process? Being around other creative and crafty people. I've been taking a lot of DIY workshops, doing things from screen printing to making huge dream catchers. I'm also a painter and have always been around fine artists but I am loving my newly found crafting community!

Q: Where can people find your stuff? In my Etsy shop