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KC Sears: Make.Shop.Live.

Academy Of Handmade

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business: I like to make things, meet rad people, and learn new skills. I hand make items from other items I find. I am also co-founder of the Academy of Handmade.

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with? Fabrics that I can dye and then utilize in projects. Nice alpaca yarns. And anything shiny!!!

Q: Who inspires you? Denyse Schmidt, Amy Sedaris, Tod Oldham and Martha Stewart.

Q: Name three guilty pleasures of yours: Watching TV series straight through, the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and anything with Vampires.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a maker? I love being a maker because I have this burning desire to tinker and create things. I am overly inspired by so many things that I have to make things in order to capture what is captivating to me. I am inspired by materials, textures, colors, and problem solving if there is something I need that doesn't exist already.

Q: As a professional in the booming handmade economy, what part of your work do you find most difficult? I find it very difficult to manage my time so that I am not overwhelmed close to a deadline. I have support from my husband and friends that keeps my mental outlook as positive as possible, but anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed is my most difficult product of my creative process.

Q: What drives your creative process? I think the thing that fuels my creative process is the desire to collect and covet things. I am inspired by so many mediums that my process varies. Sometimes the process starts by being inspired by materials. Sometimes I am inspired by capturing an emotion of an event or subject matter. Sometimes I just like a technique so much I let it tell me what end product it wants to be. Overall my creative process has an emphasis on process. The steps and details are my favorite things about making things by hand. When you start from scratch you can layer in details that are not in mass produced goods.

Q: Where can people find your stuff? We sell on Etsy. You can find a link off our website at Sometimes we do seasonal craft fairs and holiday markets--if so we list everything online.