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Erin Shebish: Sugar Crumbs

Academy Of Handmade

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Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business:  I'm a crazy cat lady with a yarn obsession. It kind of makes sense. I love creating amigurumi for young and young at heart. Nothing makes me happier than making someone's day a little sweeter with my work!

Q: What are your favorite materials to work with?   Yarn. Felt. Cotton. Wool. All the fun stuff!

Q: Who inspires you?  I'm inspired by the older generations of crocheters... You know the ones. The contented women, just relaxing in their rocking chair with their yarn and their hook. Creating to just to create. THEY inspire me.

Q: Name three guilty pleasures of yours:  Must I choose just three? The movie Xanadu {don't judge!}, Hot Cocoa flavored Milky Ways and miniatures. I just love tiny things!

Q: What is your favorite part of being a maker or supporting makers?  I love being able to turn the creatures in my head into tangible characters! Not only do I get to really bring them to life but I get to share them with the world! How awesome is that?

Q: As a professional in the booming handmade economy, what part of your work do you find most difficult?  Balance. I'm a wife. A mom. A maker. A blogger. And there just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes to balance it all.

Q: What drives your creative process?  Lots of things. I'll find myself meandering about, feeling less that creative and I'll spot a certain shape in the clouds... or I'll notice that reflectors on the back of a vehicle look like a face. And just like that, I'm ready to start creating!

Q: Where can people find your stuff?  You can find me on storenvy!