AHAS' Mentorship Program is back for 2017! Maker members will have a chance to glean information and learn business building skills from experienced fellow makers.  If you are interested in lending your seasoned voice to our program please read on!

the details

  • Touch base with your mentee(s) each week by phone (unless you are geographically close to each other, meeting is a great advantage!)
  • Ideally plan to meet/talk each week consistently at the same time throughout the 7  weeks.  Of course we understand that sickness, emergencies, or conflicts may pop up to interfere with scheduled meet times. Which is why we give a “bye” week.
  • Each week has it’s own topic.  Materials are provided to guide your conversation.  Homework is given to the mentee, but helpful for you to do also (though you are under no obligation to complete the homework), then discuss the next week.
  • The overall structure is loose,  just enough is provided for guidance so you are not left trying to find something for you and your mentee to talk about each week.  If you find a more pressing topic to discuss by all means ignore the prompt!
  • Meetings/Talks should last one hour though some may go longer and others shorter
  • NEW THIS YEAR: We will aim to have weekly touchbase points for mentors, as well as a private forum within the existing member MightyBell forum.

Time Commitment

  • The Mentorship Program “officially” lasts seven weeks with one “bye” week.
  • We plan to have the program run February 19- April 8th, 2017 ( with one “bye” week)
  • One hour each week spent with your Mentee(s)
  • No more than one hour each week outside of your meeting time, reading questions, prepping for session, setting up your next meeting, possibly answering emails.

We make it clear to mentees that your time outside the meetings with them is very limited. It is up to you if you okay emails during midweek!

I have personally gone through mentorship programs and have mentored.  I found both experiences to be invaluable ways to process knowledge and experiences.  

If you are excited about sharing your knowledge and experience please fill out the application below BY January 31.

Thank you for your Interest,

Sharon Fain

Application FOR MENTORS*

*Note that if you would like a mentor, there will be a separate application process to be a mentee. This is for mentors only. 

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Best Phone #
The following information will help us decide how to best pair up mentors with mentees.
Include anything you've learned to grow in your craft and learn more about the business side of it (this does not necessarily have to be “formal” education).
What trials have you overcome? What have you learned and how have these experiences helped you to grow?
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Let us know the nature of the craft you practice so we can best match up with your mentee(s).