Hello! We're the dedicated duo who want to help makes create sustainable businesses. Don't hesitate to reach out.


Sharon FAin, Founder/Director

Sharon Fain is the founder and director of Academy of Handmade (AOH), a community which supports makers through online and offline connections. With over 15 years of marketing and PR experience, working with small businesses, nonprofits and creative business clients, she has made her passion of being a fangirl of makers into a profession! When she’s not geeking out about handmade businesses, she’s riding bikes with her husband or walking her dogs at her home in Los Angeles.

Please contact Sharon for questions regarding:

  • AOH resources and programming
  • Sponsorship and partnership opportunities
  • How your business can be a resource to our community


Isaac watson, Director

Isaac Watson is a community organizer, event planner, and a creator of business education and support networks for the maker community. He’s passionate about finding your people, building lasting relationships, and thinking about the big picture for your small business. 

Please contact Isaac for questions regarding:

  • Podcast suggestions or sponsorship