Your Handmade Business is a podcast for makers about the big picture of your business brought to you by the Academy of Handmade. Each episode we tackle an important (and sometimes uncomfortable) topic about running a handmade business and feature perspectives and experiences from Academy of Handmade members, as well as the greater maker community.

But this isn't your average podcast! First off, each episode is short—usually 20 minutes or less. Second, each month is centered on a theme that dovetails with the maker's business cycle. Third, the Your Handmade Business newsletter will complement each episode with a special message from Sharon Fain addressing the same topic. In your ears or in your inbox (or both!), however you like it, we're coming to you.


Isaac is a community organizer, event planner, and a creator of business education and support networks for the maker community. He’s passionate about finding your people, building lasting relationships, and thinking about the big picture for your small business.


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