PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are really looking for makers only for our San Francisco/Emeryville location. If you make cutting boards, aprons or tea towels, however, you are welcome to apply at any location!

Hello Friends!

If you are interested in participating in our West Elm Small Business Saturday Pop-Ups, please

There are VERY limited numbers of spots available at each store (about a half dozen at each) and West Elm also has some requests for the types of vendors who they would like to participate. Therefore, we are asking for payment up front, but if there is not room for you in the popup, we will refund the deposit. 

BUT before you even apply, please read these notes to know if you would be right for this show:

  1. You are more likely to be able to sell at West Elm if you are one of the following kinds of shops:
    1. Stationery
    2. Prints
    3. Candles
    4. Food
    5. Home goods: aprons, cutting boards, etc.
  2. Your customer tends to be a typical yuppie type. This means "urban" professional in their 30s/40s.
  3. Your items are generally under $50.

What these pop-ups are like:

  • People who go into the store are there to shop West Elm usually. You are there as a surprise and are more of an impulse buy. So, this isn't like a craft show where people have to shop from people like you.
  • Pop-ups at West Elm in general are very hit and miss. I am hoping that Small Business Saturday will bring in extra traffic, but no guarantees. This is a good exposure/connection/bragging rights opportunity. Last time we had one member make connections with someone who is not using their product in photoshoots and I know of makers who have landed in the West Elm Local section and in "regular" West Elm after doing pop-ups there (because they hashtagged and made connections!). That said, if you have an opportunity that weekend that YOU KNOW is a moneymaker, by all means, do that.
  • You will not have a "booth" or table like a typical craft show. You will be setting up on the tables in the West Elm space. That means you will need to have signage that can be flexible to fit the space. You may also use decor you find within West Elm to spruce up your space.
  • For an example of what our last pop-up looked like, you can view our Facebook album here
  • We are TRYING to get professional photography taken at each location so that you will be able to come away with great photos of you at your booth.
  • We don't know the exact time, but it will probably go about four hours in the late morning/early afternoon.

We are opening this up to members first and there is a small fee ($20) to help with drinks, decor and other supplies. If we don't receive enough qualified members then we will open it up to very select non-members.

DEADLINE: We are looking to have things decide on by November 4. THEREFORE, we need to have your application ASAP and by October 31 OR BEFORE is preferable.