5 Weeks. 2 Guides. 1 Virtual Summit.

It's like a very compact (and WAY cheaper) business school for makers!

WEeKly MEetings & Programming

Each week you will meet with the entire mastermind group, online, through our online meeting video service. There will be guests, breakout meetings and hotseats. We will discuss the work for that week and address specific challenges you are facing in your business. Each meeting will be led by your guides-- Academy of Handmade directors Sharon Fain and Isaac Watson.

Week 1 (May 22): Your Path To Making And Making Your Path, Mindset, Business Essentials (this is also the week of the virtual summit!)

Week 2 (May 29): Plans to Scale/Maintain, Resource & Support Systems Inventory

Week 3 (June 5): The Where/Why/How of Your Sales Game, Getting The Word Out: Social Media, Marketing & PR

Week 4 (June 12): Accounting, Measuring & Tracking, What’s Next, One-Page Business Plan, Short-Term focus, Big Picture

Week 5 (June 19): Inspiration, Self Reflection: Creative Inspiration & Honing Your Craft

To prepare you for each week, we will send you an email with worksheets (WORKSHEETS! WOO! Are we the only nerds who get excited about those?) that you can complete on your own. There will also be resources suggested with each section to help you move forward AT YOUR PACE on any given topic.


The mastermind kicks off with a two-day virtual summit May 22-23. The summit is designed to allow masterminders to hear from AND interact with business professionals who get makers! The topics for the conference include

  • Pricing for Growth
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Systems
  • Finance

What makers this summit so special is its intimacy. The cost of the entire mastermind is what you would pay for just an hour or two of consulting from any one of our guests! We dedicate time in each session to answer masterminder's questions and hotseating people where it makes sense!



When it comes to teaching creatives how to build an empire, Lela Barker has a simple philosophy: beneath every successful maker lies a solid business foundation. As the founder of Bella Lucce, an award-winning international beauty brand distributed through 1,300 spas and the mind behind Lucky Break Consulting, Lela is wildly passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs bring their products into the marketplace. Drawing on more than a decade of experience as a successful maker, Lela’s magic lies in distilling complicated business concepts down to their essence, especially in the areas of product pricing, brand development and wholesale strategy. She’s seen firsthand the power of nailing down these important facets of business as creatives strive to build sustainable brands that ignite their passion, put food on the table and make the world a more beautiful place. 



Isaac Watson is a community organizer, event planner, and a creator of business education and support networks for the maker community. He’s passionate about finding your people, building lasting relationships, and thinking about the big picture for your small business. He is the spreadsheet-obsessed half of Academy of Handmade.


Dana and Sara are the owners of Spooltown, a small-run sewing factory in Portland, Oregon, specializing in handbags and accessories. Spooltown excels at working with unforgiving fabrics like leather, faux leather and waxed canvas. They run production for many established brands, emphasizing rigorous quality standards, communication, and lasting relationships. Spooltown offers design consulting and product development as needed to make manufacturing more affordable in the long run.

gabrielle luoma.jpg


Over 20 years of experience providing clients with outsourced and virtual accounting services that include payroll and sales tax preparation and review. We not only handle the day-to-day, our unique insight allows us to do strategic tax planning and help business owners invest in themselves first.

Gabrielle is the founder and CEO of GMLCPA and specializes in working with multiple industries.


Worried About the Time Commitment? 

Yes, we are asking you to put in some time on this BUT don't feel overwhelmed! We realize that a lot of this course will be you going back through assignments and rewatching videos at your own pace.

As part of our desire to promote learning after the program is formally over, we will also facilitate accountability partnerships AFTER the program is out. Plus, you can always email us with questions. That way you aren't "on your own" after the program officially concludes.